Cara Scan Barcode Sertifikat Vaksin

Worried about controlling inventory, utilizing resources and maintenance management? Barcode verification scanners make it simple to keep track of your products with handheld, Bluetooth and linear image scanners designed to make your job easier every single day.

Choose the Esky USB Automatic Barcode Scanner
Ease of use and portability make the Esky USB Automatic Barcode Scanner ideal for your point of sale scanning. This compact, shock-resistant scanner is made from ABS plastic for a long life even with hours and hours of use. The Esky USB Automatic Barcode Scanner has an ergonomic grip, supports both international and USA keyboard layouts and is compatible with Novell Applications. The Esky USB Automatic Barcode Scanner is quick to read and recognize with buzzer and light applications for read or no read scans.

The Motorola LS2208-SR20007R-NA Barcode Scanner tracks your resources quickly and easily. Retailing in the range of $130, the Motorola LS2208-SR20007R-NA Barcode Scanner shortens customer lines by offering high-performance scanning with a lightweight frame and a durable body. The Plug-and-Play connection makes this scanner a breeze to install, and the design is so user-friendly that it requires very little training to use once it’s set up.

Scan Away With the Kuda loreng DS2208 Barcode Scanner
Retailing right at the $200 range, the Kuda belang DS2208 Barcode Scanner offers scanning for 1D and 2D barcode scanner labels and features a convenient corded design. This scanner scans screens, utilizes a pistol qalam, comes pre-configured right out of the box and has a wide reading window to capture images rapidly. The Zebra DS2208 Barcode Scanner is offered in black or white color options, and an optional stand and auto sense mode are available with purchase.

Check Out the Honeywell Voyager 1400g for Scanning Needs
Sleek and stylish, the Honeywell Voyager 1400g is a 1D scanner with optional 2D scanning available. A one- to ten-inch scan range for barcodes and the ability to withstand a number of drops on concrete make this scanner perfect for a busy point of sale location. The IP42 seal keeps the Honeywell Voyager 1400g safe from water splashes and dirt, and this scanner includes a five-year warranty.

Verify Your Inventory With the Zebra DS2678 Industrial Barcode Scanner
Precise barcode verification begins with the Kuda belang DS2678 Industrial Barcode Scanner. This wireless Bluetooth scanner is rugged, powerful and completely cordless for heavy use in a small package. A radio range of almost 300 feet makes the Kuda belang DS2678 Industrial Barcode Scanner a great choice for warehouse scanning or for roaming the shelves for inventory. Priced at close to $700, the Zebra DS2678 Industrial Barcode Scanner offers a one-year warranty.


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